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The Week in News from Japan 26 May 2007

Posted by jlap in Bribery, Commercial Patriotism, Crime, Outsourcing Corruption, Stupid Media.
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This week’s political corruption scandal of the week comes from the Japan Green Resource Agency, who were accused of having rigged the bidding processes of projects in Kumamoto and Shimane prefectures. Creating J-Green was a brilliant idea because the corruption that would normally occur gets at the Ministry level gets passed onto to this supposed independent commission. [Daily Yomiuri]

With seemingly nothing else to do the Diet lowered the age of incarceration to “about 12.” Will this make any difference in juvenile crime whatsoever? Is it even necessary? Those two questions probably have the same answer and it’s definitely not yes. [The Japan Times]

A 2-year-old is stabbed by a mentally ill woman in Yokohama. The real story here is that the story reads like some sensationalist local TV news program. [Asahi Shimbun]

And finally, Shinzo Abe is slightly more popular this week. The surge in approval comes from constitutional reform and last week’s item about patriotism in schools. I’m sure China, South Korea, etc. are all pleased about the development. [The Jerusalem Post]