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Lovely Complex – 07 20 May 2007

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lovekom0701.jpgOtani continued to play a role of willful ignorance in the seventh installment of this insight into how atypical heights can play a role in relationships. Sounds overly complex? Fine. Anyway…

After Risa’s rather poor confession at the end of the last episode, Atsushi dismisses it as relating to the Umibouzu CD he gave her minutes earlier. At the school festival, Risa uses her utter devastation at the situation to great effect as the star of the class’ haunted house.

As he continues to ignore the painfully obvious answer in the quest to find out who Risa likes, Otani is told the answer by Nobu. Typically, he thinks that she is joking, and inflicts more pain on Risa.

Risa then goes to the kissaten for the day that is Haruka’s classroom. She is shortly followed by Otani and Seiko/Seishiro, and it is made painfully obvious that Otani is the only one who doesn’t know who Risa likes.

The episode concludes with Risa telling Otani that the one she likes is in the very room that only the two of them are in. It takes a long time to compute, but after Risa leaves Otani appears to have finally figured it out.

Thoughts: The believability of Otani’s willful ignorance of Risa’s feelings is questionable. Obviously it’s used to fill some time until the end of a chapter in the manga I haven’t read, but sometimes brevity in a story can be a good thing.

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