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Your A Definitive Guide to School Days Hilarity: Part 1 17 July 2007

Posted by jlap in Analysis of Comedy, Cricket References, Pathetic Protagonists for $600, School Days.

minigame.jpgAs an eroge, School Days defied certain conventions beyond the fact it was fully animated. The bad endings were infamously bad; bad enough to the point that they mocked one of them in the sequel. The protagonist was an absolute douchebag who would often ignore your very commands, and was very prone to changing his mind in an instant with devastating consequences. So when I came to find out that it was getting the anime conversion, I had to watch despite knowing there was a very real possibility that nothing bad would happen to that dick Makoto. So after the jump, a look at the most unfortunately lucky guy in the world.sd1.jpgCracked glass on the logo, real original work guys. I mean, how long must it have taken to come up with that. If you are already going through basic editing demonstrations less than 3 minutes in, why bother working on it at all? -5 points

sd2.jpgA simple conversation between Makoto and Taisuke about preference in girls shows a distinct irony. Taisuke admits he just likes them cute, and Makoto is disgusted. Of course with Makoto, every hole is a goal and nothing will stop him. +3 points

sd3.jpgNow Sekai proceeds to throw up the first of many blocks by comically forgetting why she drug Makoto up in the first place. Does she want to hold him up intentionally? Is she really just joking? Probably the latter. +1 point.


Here we have the argument between Makoto and Sekai over the former’s paranoia over Sekai leaking the knowledge of him liking Katsura. She’s pushed into a fence, she tells him to stop and they stay there for a couple seconds. Now where does this get funny you ask? Well take a look at the original.


Here Makoto grabs her, she then proceeds to hit him for six (a cricket analogy, imagine that?), and finally they both fall to the floor with free service for all. -2 points for toning it down, +3 to the original for adhering to genre standards.

sd5.jpg Now we have a little fun with role reversal in which Makoto not only wishes to back down from his first encounter with Katsura. In the midst of this, he admits that its okay to not be a man in this spot. A perfectly sublime statement on his character I must say. +2 points.

sd6.jpgHere we have a part of the initial meeting between Katsura and Makoto, in which Makoto tries to finish off all of Katsura’s awful, awful sandwiches. Sekai cheering him on got a bit of a laugh. +1 point for the scene itself, +2 for the absurd notion of making tons of bad sandwiches.

kiss1.jpg And finally, Sekai surprises Makoto on the train platform at the end of the day by kissing him. -2 points for predictability.

Episode Score: 0 points (+3 for the source material)
Series to Date: 0 points

Next Time: Terrible choice of movies, manuals for things that manuals only screw up, things unfortunately continuing to work out for Makoto.



1. nemu - 11 March 2008

mm sobre esta serie me desiluciono el final pero bueno es lo que hay no mas aparte de que tiene como 15 finales alternativos mass mm bueno hasta el cap 7 se veia con final feliz pero en el final que quedo que tragiico bueno cuiate muxo

2. akito - 25 April 2009

this ended up being one of the most depressing anime’s ever…I almost threw up and cried at the same time in the very end…I think That load of crap, Makoto, should have stayed with Sekai…Then he wouldn’t be a load of crap

3. Unipseintexia - 11 December 2009

Amazing post, I didn’t thought reading this would be so cool when I klicked at your link!!

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