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Lovely Complex – 09 3 June 2007

Posted by jlap in Cliche School Trips, Lovely Complex, Yuri.

lovecom0901.jpgLast week’s school trip moves to Hakodate, and completely renders last week’s episode meaningless as far as overall plot.

With Risa sulking, Nobu shows off an impressive array of grappling moves in punishing Atsushi for his rejection. Making matters worse is the fact that everyone around her seems to be hooking up with someone else. Risa realizes that she has to move on, but by constantly ending up in situations where the two of them are together, that is impossible.

lovecom0903.jpgOur fated duo’s adventure for the week was a photographic trip of the sights and sounds of Hakodate. Atsushi showed off his Umibouzu impression, while Risa continued to display a talent for scaring people away. In the midst of all the fun, Risa loses her wallet and Atsushi spends the rest of the day trying desperately to find it. At this point, Risa realizes that she may never get over him.

lovecom0905.jpgThe two then spot Umibouzu, accompanied by his wife and child, who happens to be in possession of Risa’s wallet. While Atsushi and the orange jump suit-clad musician head off to get a taxi, Risa discovers similarities between the early stages of their relationships with Umibouzu’s wife.

The episode ends with Risa confessing again with a determination to eventually make Atsushi accept.

lovecom0904.jpgThoughts: No real comments on how this relates to the overall plot, but instead a focus on two parts of the episode. With girls from other high schools around, Atsushi suddenly becomes a pulling machine with his Kansai-ben. With nearly everything sign pointing to this being unrealistic, it probably would have ended badly had the show completely tangented and focused on that. Second, Umibouzu only wears jumpsuits. One would think that a semi-famous person would actually wear something inconspicuous when vacationing with a family seemingly no one knows about. Though I may be overestimating Japanese celebrity culture.

Next Time: Atsushi’s ex from several episodes back comes back at the basketball club’s Christmas Party. She’s probably on a mission to destroy him yet again.



1. Jen - 10 July 2008

i love this anime!

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