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YouTube Pushed to It’s Inevitable Conclusion: The Week in Clips 27 May 2007

Posted by jlap in Capitalism, pr0n, Random French Phrases, Social Commentary, Technology, Throwing Money Away, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, YouTube, Yuri.

With no feedback whatsoever on this feature, I’m going to have to continue to plow on with complete neutrality on content. So it is with that comment that I report that people have started watching enough of the hentai clips posted that they start making the most viewed clips. It’s the internet’s raison d’être.

First up, we have THAT scene from the first episode of Yamibou, which represents the most viewed clip of the day.

Next we have a demonstration of Sony’s new LCD Screen technology which is not only flat, but it bends as well.

Our third clip takes us into the world of home shopping as they attempt to sell the worst piece of exercise equipment seen outside of those camp 1950s public domain videos. 39,800 yen is surely taking the piss.

Finally, a video of a camera crew preparing to work for the day. But really this is all about the smoking everyone there is doing and littering the sidewalk as they please. The YouTube page itself includes the typical bonus of blatent racism and ignorance you see everywhere on the site.



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