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Lovely Complex – 08 27 May 2007

Posted by jlap in Epic Dozing Off, Hassle Free Airports, Lovely Complex, Rickshas!, Stereotypical School Trips.

risa0806.jpgotani08071.jpg After last week’s school festival in which Atsushi finally realized that it was he, and not some other short guy on the basketball team. Despite this, he still questions why she would come to like him. And like every episode of this series so far, the plot remains unresolved.
lovecom0803.jpgWith the school trip coming up, Risa and Atsushi do everything in their power to avoid each other and run away from their common problem. Unfortunately for them, they both end up being late for the trip and are forced to take a later flight with only each other and their musically-challenge teacher to keep them company. When they arrive he outright dismisses any possibility that the two of them are a couple to the rest of the class.

lovecom0803.jpgThe second part of this episode reverts back to typical series form. The two of them have fun doing something, in this case taking a ride on a ricksha, and then when someone points or suggests that the two of them look like a couple; they revert back to a stalemate situation. With seemingly no end in sight, Risa tracks down Atsushi in a store doing the “short guy who can’t reach the higher shelves” thing he did in the first episode.

lovecom0813.jpgAs she gets the bear curry for him, Risa finally gets an answer to her confession. He feels that it would be too strange of a transition from the All Hanshin-Kyojin act they’ve been pulling off at school to suddenly becoming a couple. She withdraws her confession and runs away. With Risa unable to stop crying in front of Nobu, Atsushi realizes that he has done some massive damage.

Thoughts: The series appears to have hit a point of no return with regards to our protagonists. However, the first 18 minutes are throwaway material that just blend in with the rest of the series. Atsushi has to realize his options at this point are extremely limited anyway. Without reading the manga though, it’s hard to know if that last sentence is horribly wrong.

Next Time: Umibouzu steps in and probably probably knows that the two of them are really a couple already.



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