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I Live for J.League: Week 13 27 May 2007

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The J.League season is nearing its halfway point, and its time to focus on the different sides that make this league competitive.

Yokohama FC are expected to be relegated back to J.League 2 this season. Founded after Yokohama Flugels and Yokohama Marinos merged by fans who refused to support the new team, Yokohama FC have struggled to get to this point. As the first professional club in Japan owned by its fans, they do not particularly have a lot of money, and it shows in the makeup of the squad.

Manager Takuya Takagi is a 39-year-old former Japanese international. Captaining the side is 40-year-old former Japanese international Kazuyoshi Miura. Motohiro Yamaguchi, 38, and Norio Omura, 37, also have regular places in the team. This all makes other Japanese internationals Tatsuhiko Kubo, 30, and Daisuke Oku, 31, look like kids in comparison. Add in the foreign contingent of unaccomplished Brazilians: Anderson (via Pogon Szczecin), Gilmar Silva (via Vitoria) and Adriano (via FC Thun); and it genuinely doesn’t look good for this team.

They still battle on, and they picked up their third win of the season yesterday against fellow strugglers Oita Trinita. Miura picked up his second goal of the season and Tomoya Uchida adding the second in their 2-1 win. They still sit bottom with their appalling goal difference of -15, but being 2 points from near safety at this point is still better than many predicted.

Scores: Yokohama FC 2-1 Oita, FC Tokyo 0-1 Grampus, Vissel 2-1 Reysol, Antlers 2-0 Ventforet, JEF Utd 1-2 Gamba (Gamba starting to pull away at the top), Sanfrecce 2-1 S-Pulse, Frontale 1-1 Omiya, Urawa Reds 1-1 Yokohama F. Marinos

Goals in the league since I began tracking (by nationality):
Japan 26
Brazil 16
Norway 2
Côte d’Ivoire 1
South Korea 1


YouTube Pushed to It’s Inevitable Conclusion: The Week in Clips 27 May 2007

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With no feedback whatsoever on this feature, I’m going to have to continue to plow on with complete neutrality on content. So it is with that comment that I report that people have started watching enough of the hentai clips posted that they start making the most viewed clips. It’s the internet’s raison d’être.


Lovely Complex – 08 27 May 2007

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risa0806.jpgotani08071.jpg After last week’s school festival in which Atsushi finally realized that it was he, and not some other short guy on the basketball team. Despite this, he still questions why she would come to like him. And like every episode of this series so far, the plot remains unresolved. (more…)

The Week in News from Japan 26 May 2007

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This week’s political corruption scandal of the week comes from the Japan Green Resource Agency, who were accused of having rigged the bidding processes of projects in Kumamoto and Shimane prefectures. Creating J-Green was a brilliant idea because the corruption that would normally occur gets at the Ministry level gets passed onto to this supposed independent commission. [Daily Yomiuri]

With seemingly nothing else to do the Diet lowered the age of incarceration to “about 12.” Will this make any difference in juvenile crime whatsoever? Is it even necessary? Those two questions probably have the same answer and it’s definitely not yes. [The Japan Times]

A 2-year-old is stabbed by a mentally ill woman in Yokohama. The real story here is that the story reads like some sensationalist local TV news program. [Asahi Shimbun]

And finally, Shinzo Abe is slightly more popular this week. The surge in approval comes from constitutional reform and last week’s item about patriotism in schools. I’m sure China, South Korea, etc. are all pleased about the development. [The Jerusalem Post]

Der Hammer, Sailor Fuku, Yakuza and a New Way to Hit A Ball: YouTube Clips of the Week 20 May 2007

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A bold attempt at a feature begins with the most viewed YouTube clips filed under the Japanese language for Sunday, the week as a whole, the top anime related clip in the category and the top Japanese new related post. (more…)

Lovely Complex – 07 20 May 2007

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lovekom0701.jpgOtani continued to play a role of willful ignorance in the seventh installment of this insight into how atypical heights can play a role in relationships. Sounds overly complex? Fine. Anyway…

After Risa’s rather poor confession at the end of the last episode, Atsushi dismisses it as relating to the Umibouzu CD he gave her minutes earlier. At the school festival, Risa uses her utter devastation at the situation to great effect as the star of the class’ haunted house.

As he continues to ignore the painfully obvious answer in the quest to find out who Risa likes, Otani is told the answer by Nobu. Typically, he thinks that she is joking, and inflicts more pain on Risa.

Risa then goes to the kissaten for the day that is Haruka’s classroom. She is shortly followed by Otani and Seiko/Seishiro, and it is made painfully obvious that Otani is the only one who doesn’t know who Risa likes.

The episode concludes with Risa telling Otani that the one she likes is in the very room that only the two of them are in. It takes a long time to compute, but after Risa leaves Otani appears to have finally figured it out.

Thoughts: The believability of Otani’s willful ignorance of Risa’s feelings is questionable. Obviously it’s used to fill some time until the end of a chapter in the manga I haven’t read, but sometimes brevity in a story can be a good thing.

Next Time: Melodrama on the school trip

I Live For the J-League: Week 12 20 May 2007

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They are nearing the halfway stage of the 2007 J-League season and there is still all to play for.

Gamba Osaka began the weekend on top of the J-League 1 table and defeated surprise package Kashiwa Reysol 2-1 in a turgid affair. Defending champions Urawa Reds moved up to second with a late winner scored by their talismanic striker Washington.

Lower down the table Albirex Niigata and Kashima Antlers could not separate themselves after a 1-1 draw left both sides midtable on 17 points. Oita Trinita pulled themselves out of the relegation zone with a shock 2-0 win over title challengers Kawasaki Frontale. Ueslei helped himself to a hat-trick in Sanfrecce’s 3-1 win over JEF United.

At the bottom, Omiya Arduja defeated Yokohama FC 1-0 in a relegation six-pointer.

Results: Gamba 2-1 Kashiwa, Albirex 1-1 Kashima, Grampus 1-2 Urawa, Oita 2-0 Kawasaki, JEF United 1-3 Sanfrecce, Omiya 1-0 Yokohama FC, Ventforet 0-0 Shimizu, Jubilo 2-3 Vissel, Yokohama F. Marinos 0-1 FC Tokyo

Goals in the league since I began tracking (by nationality):
Brazil 11
Japan 9
Norway 1

Weekly Stories of Interest 20 May 2007

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rena.jpgA 17-year-old student and two others were arrested after leaking sections of the Weekly Shonen Sunday and Weekly Shonen Jump in a bid to gain respect on 2chan. This would be far from the first case of someone doing something stupid on the internet to impress people they will never meet. (¬_¬) [Daily Yomiuri]

The former mayor of Ikoma, Nara Prefecture, Koichi Nakamoto, was found to have colluded with former assembly speaker Takashi Sakai in a land deal which lost the city 100 million yen and while boosting their own bank accounts. It just wouldn’t be a week in Japanese politics without some scandal involving retired politicians would it? [The Asahi Shimbun]

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spearheaded a change in the Basic Education Law which mandates instilling patriotism in the nation’s youth.  Toby Keith looks down on this approach which lacks the commercially-motivated songs required to start the Japanigasm. [BBC]

Tell me if you’ve seen this before. Kid stops going to school, beheads own mother without remorse, walks to police station with head in a duffel bag and blames the movies and books he had been reading. Um…yeah way to take personal responsibility, kid. [Mainichi Daily News]